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Who We Are

Wrap the Kids is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of homeless people from North Long Beach.

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What We Do

We hire the homeless, to give them a second chance to make a difference by making & donating homemade quilts to children in need.

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How to Help

We accept donations such as money, toys, and hygiene products. We are also looking for volunteers.


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Tuesday, August 04, 2020 | 7:16:10 AM

Long Beach Gives 2020

Out of 160 applications, WrapTheKids was chosen to participate in Long Beach Gives, on Sept 24, 2020. LBGives is a 24-hour online giving day. This annual fundraising event provides an easy and fun way for our entire city to give together. It helps generous donors and innovative nonprofits come together to improve the quality of life and create positive change for Long Beach.


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